Friday, December 3, 2010

All Aboard For the Polar Express! Advent Day 3

Today's advent book is the Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg.  This is a beautiful book and one of our beloved holiday movies.  I plan to read it with dinner tonight.  Unfortunately, our friends won't be able to join us tonight as planned (sick kiddos), but we will still have a special night and do something soon with our friends. 

We started the day by reading our Christmas story Bible verse and placing a sheep in our manger (once we convinced Sassyfras to place it there!).  Then the kids found 3 special packages under the tree that contain new PJ's to wear tonight.  I added a bell to each bag since my last posting.  They also received new Christmas books and candies.

Our craft today is a simple paint the wooden cut out and make it an ornament deal.  I found reindeer aka caribou and let the kids paint them.  When they dried they placed cyclops sized eyes  and tied a bell around them.

This is our table centerpiece.

The kids help me make one of our family favorite dinners, baked ziti, salad, and garlic bread.  For dessert we'll have hot cocoa and caribou cookies. 

Ok, so try not to laugh (it will be hard though).  This is the cookie cutter that I used.  It's supposed to be a moose that I was planning to pass off as a caribou.

Instead, I get this...something that looks like a cross between a St. Bernard and a buffalo! 

Yes kids, it's Rudolf the red nose St. Bernard.  They taste good at least.

I've put out extra pillows and throw blankets so we can be all cozy tonight.

...the bell still rings for me.


Christy said...

We love The Polar Express.

Your cookies are funny! Oh well, I'm sure the kids won't mind.

You have inspired me to wrap up the new pajamas I just bought for my kiddos and give them to them one night soon. Thanks for the idea.

The bell still rings for me too!

Raising a Happy Child said...

LOL on cookies, but I like how you have every little detail thought out. I could never do that :) I like the deer craft - those little extras make it a perfect Christmas ornament.

Jenny said...

Found you on Mama to 3 Blessings Firday Blog Hop! I'm a new follower! Check out my blog sometime:

Naxi said...

Hi Kelly,

I just wanted to say that not only do I enjoy the content of your blog, but I love the way you write. It is so much fun to read. I love the humour. It is the same kind that my friends and I use to get us through so of those Mummy days.

Thanks for brightening my day.


Joyful Learner said...

You just reminded me to put the Polar Express on our wish list. JC loved it last year when we borrowed it from the library. There were many storytelling sessions about going on the train to North Pole.

I like the St. Bernard Rudolf cookies. It makes sense because there's a lot of snow in North Pole and they can use more rescue dogs. lol.

Ticia said...

I still think they're cute.

lindsy said...

You are an amazing mom! What a fun night!

Kelly said...

Ok, so when I asked Little J what the cookie was, he said matter-of-factly, "a reindeer"...good boy, Santa's happy. The other two just stared at it until Juiciness finally said, "I need all color cookie please Mommy". The best was my husband walks in and says, "Oh cookies, why did you make dogs?" Love ya babe.