Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Printable Advent Activities Days 8-14

Our advent calendar this year will start on December 1st and run through December 24th. I will change the number on the front each night as we count up to Christmas.
The backside of the card has a bible verse from the Christmas story, a character or object to place in the manger scene, a book to read, and a go along activity for the day. I will change this each night.

For days 1-7 see this post.  I've changed it to a scribd download...google docs seems to have a mind of its own (or just maybe user error:) ).

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Jenny said...

These are great! Thanks!

Louise Jane said...

Thanks for sharing x

Raising a Happy Child said...

Well, scribd seems to have a mind of its own too, because it says that the document is set to private :) I really enjoy these ideas - thanks for sharing them with us!

Paper Perfection said...

Is there another way to get these? I tried scribd but it wants to charge $9 per day to download or another amount for monthly/yearly membership.

Little Wonders' Days said...

I didn't know Scribd started charging to download! Email me at luraymeister@gmail.com and I can get the file to you.


Brittney said...

I love this idea! Do you have a post or link for the remaining days?


Kelly said...

Hi Brittney,

Unfortunately, I lost the files in a computer switch. I also don't see where I posted them...even though we obviously did stuff all the way up to Christmas. I'm so sorry!