Friday, November 5, 2010

Cornucopia, Horn of Plenty

Now that we've put away the Halloween decorations, we've started putting out a few things for Thanksgiving.  This is our cornucopia tray.

Somehow Little J's frog decided to join us!

Setting up our supplies. 
We used a pomegranate, tangerines, apples, pears, nuts, gourds, and a fake pumpkin.  On our next grocery trip I will  get some grapes to add.

I think Little J did a great job arranging our cornucopia.

Little J is thankful for playing!

We'll be writing our blessings and things we're thankful for on these scallop punched papers. 
We've set our tray in the dining room.  The kids know that the fruit and nuts are meant for eating, they just need to ask for help.  We'll replace the fruit as needed through the season.

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hands follow heart said...

Very nicely arranged tray and beautiful colours! The frog gives it a nice touch! ;-)

karen said...


Bending Birches said...

that is what I call FESTIVE!

Baker Family said...

I LOVE the idea of having an edible centerpiece! Very well done :) Looks great!



I am your newest follower!

messyfish said...

such wonderful colours!

littlewondersdays said...

Thanks for the nice comments everyone.
Risa, thanks for following!

Amanda said...

really beautiful tradition! I love the frog!