Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What to do With Frank?

I found these monster cups at Target a few weeks ago and since we're having a not so scary monster Halloween party, I thought I would pick some up and figure out what to do with them later. 

Well it's later and I'm not hitting a very creative streak.  So far, I've come up with slice up some grapes and call them monster eyeballs.  I have 24 of them and thought they would be cute for the kids to put on their plate and take with them later.

What do you think?


Becky C said...

Hey Kelly,
Just wanted you to know I sent you a blog award! Check out my newest post, you are listed there. Thanks for being an inspiration!
Becky C

Chelsea said...

What about if you put chocolate pudding inside so that the kids could "eat" the contents of Frankinstein's head. Or, depending on what size they are, put a cupcake inside, with black icing on top to look like his hair? Another option might be green ice-cream (mint, for example), with chocolate sprinkles on top for his hair? The grapes are a great (and healthy) idea too.

Christy said...

I have no ideas, but I love Chelsea's ideas. I might even look for those cups now!

Chelsea said...

I must really like your "Frank" cups, because it just occured to me that again, depending on what size they are, and what you were planning to serve, you could also fill them with some sort of green veggie dip (dill dip maybe?) so that the kids could dip their carrot eyeballs and zucchini witches fingers/bones into Frank.

Kelly said...

Chelsea, I love all your ideas, but the pudding one is great! It made me laugh. I do like the idea of veggies and dip though. It would be nice to set something healthy out since they will be getting plenty of sugar. Thanks for all the ideas!

Christy- I found them in 12 packs at Target. I think they also had skeletons.