Saturday, October 23, 2010

Prop Box Storage

In a few past posts I shared some of our prop boxes (here, here, and here) and that I keep a lot of toys stored and rotate them out to the play area.  I had a few questions about how/where I store these things.  I thought I would share my space.

There is also a shelf above the hanging rod that I have storage boxes holding completely unrelated items.

I'm fortunate to have space that I can devote to storing prop boxes, toys, learning/teaching material, and craft supplies.  However, I try to maximize that space as best I can though.

Don't look too close!  I didn't do any straightening, so my shelves are in a little hodge podge mode right now.

I use a combination of Rubbermaid boxes, storage bins, shelving, and hanging bags.  I was trying to think how you could store prop boxes if you don't have a large area.  One thought is to store the individual box items in large ziploc bags and then store the bags in one bin that could perhaps fit under a bed or tuck away somewhere convenient. 


varunner said...

Can you come organize my house? Please? ;-)

Raising a Happy Child said...

You are wonderfully organized. I wish though I had space - my "Anna closet" is overflowing with toys out of rotation and other things, so I am spreading to two other storage areas in the house. I hope we can finally get our garage organized - that should give us more space.

Ticia said...

jealous of your organization.

Christy said...

I have the space; I'm just not organized! I have to work on that.

Anonymous said...

I am moving house so that I have a cupboard for prop box storage. (Well, we are moving house anyway, but I will certainly factor this kind of storage into our new house).

It would really make life so much easier! (and fun)

Thanks for this post.