Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Fun, An I Love You Ritual

I put this picture with the note, "Let's go get this book today.  Happy Friday!  Love Mommy".  In Little J's lunch today.

You may have read my previous post about the book "I Love You Rituals" by Becky A. Bailey .  I thought of another "I love you ritual" that I have with the kids.  It's amazing how many little things you do as a family and don't even realize.

We started Friday fun last year when Little J started kindergarten.  Each Friday afternoon we either had a special snack, surprise, or did some fun activity.  It gave us all something to look forward to and since it is Friday, a little more time in the afternoon as we don't have to be right on time to bed.  We're doing it again this year too.

(Bedtime around here is 7:00 and 7:30...remember I have a house full of larks.  We've tried later bedtimes, but they are all still up before the sun and then they're grouchy all day.  So, 7:00 / 7:30 it is.)

This year I've started putting what the Friday fun surprise is in an envelope and putting it in Little J's lunch.  I was worried it might be a distraction, but he told me it makes him happy and he likes it. 

Examples of past Friday fun  activities have been going for ice cream, visiting a local park, going to a nearby museum, garden, or zoo, etc.  You get the idea, it's nothing too expensive or fancy, just something to give a little more TLC to Friday and get the weekend kicked off. 

I realize this post only mentions Little J, but the twins are always included.  I'm sure they will enjoy picking out new bedtime books.

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Anonymous said...

Love this ritual and the most recent post too! I think Ella would love a hint at a book at her breakfast plate. Fun! Thanks for sharing!