Wednesday, October 20, 2010

After Dark Fall Walk Observations

Part of Little J's homework for this week is to take a walk and write down signs of fall that he notices.  I thought we could do both a daytime walk and a nighttime walk.  What would he notice at night that he didn't notice during the day?

For our night time walk, we needed to wear long shirts and pants.  I took a small flashlight and Little J took glow sticks!  He also took a little bag to collect things he found. 

So, what did he write down? 

Dark earlier
Cooler at night
Houses decorated for Halloween
Walked on crunchy leaves
The crickets stopped chirping after it got dark and cool

We had such a nice walk together that I think we'll have to do it more often.


{Bobbi} said...

haha I came to write glowsticks would be fun. Your post is like mine. We're awesome. I saw some fun wand glo sticks and such in the @1 section at Michaels. I should have grabbed some!

Wonder Mom said...

I love this night hike idea! What a precious idea to make precious memories...

Ticia said...

I love the picture of the glow.

Fun idea.

Joyful Learner said...

Great idea! I have some glow sticks I purchased last year. But oddly, people haven't decorated much this year.