Sunday, September 19, 2010

Summer Bucket List Wrap Up

I wanted to do a wrap up post of our summer bucket project.  We had an amazing summer and truly enjoyed our bucket list.  You can find my original post here to see how we did it.  We will do it again next year, but I will schedule things that can't be done spontaneously such as "see a children's play".  

Our days were full of swimming, morning walks and playground time, lots of picnics, eating of Popsicles, ice cream, and fresh fruit. 

Our purple list was comprised of day trips or full day activities.
Go to a water park
Go to an amusement park
Go for a boat ride
Visit the Wright Brothers Memorial
Visit the Smithsonian
Go to the beach, visit light houses
Visit the zoo

Visit at least one new national park and get a new passport stamp-We visited several
Go to work with Daddy one day
Visit a Bass Pro Shop
Road trip with Nana-There are several posts about this, see Road Trip with Nana
Visit Monticello
Visit Luray Caverns

This was our Green list, activities that would take at least 2 hours and more likely half day activities.  Some things we put back in to do again and again, like museums and playgrounds.

Go bowling
Go on a picnic
Go to a baseball game
Go to a movie or an outdoor movie
Go to an IMAX movie
Go for ice cream
Go for Popsicles
Visit a playground (I have a master list of local playgrounds)
Visit a chocolate shop
Visit a bakery

Visit Krispy Kreme
Visit indoor playgrounds like Chic Fillet when it’s too hot
Go to the library
Go see a child’s play
Go to a bounce house
Go to Chuck E Cheese
Go to an outdoor concert
Ice skating
Play Frisbee

Learn to hula hoop
Wash the cars at home
Bike, scooter, or wagon rides
Invite a friend for movie afternoon
Roast marshmallows
Themed dinner nights (Italian, Chinese, Mexican, etc. Get books, maps, movies, and other cultural things to go with dinner-make the countries flags, national dress etc)

Little J did a batik shark on his apron.

Children's apron
Tie dye shirts, canvas bags, aprons
Catch fireflies
Star gaze, put up glow in the dark stars and learn about constellations
Pick wild flowers
Press flowers
Treasure and Scavenger hunts
Paint pet rocks
Make ice cream
Make a time capsule
Make and Fly kites
Make giant bubble wands and blow bubbles
Make a summer reading journal
Make Wind Chimes
Make root beer
Make Cheese
Make Lemonade
Make a carnivorous plant terrarium
Play in the rain

We have also had a general summer list of things that didn't go in the bucket, as well as reading lists and lesson themes.
Celebrate the summer solstice
Take a picture everyday and make a scrapbook- In progress
Participate in library reading challenge
Play in the rain
Go to the pool- LOTS!
Take before breakfast and after dinner walks

These blogs joined my Summer Bucket List Party and I tried to chose one thing off their lists for us to do too.  Unfortunately, I didn't get to all of them, but please visit their blogs.  They had great summer ideas and really awesome blogs.

Nanny Diaries - Water gun fight Amy is a mother to three kids and has a super blog.  Her summer bucket list was incredible.  We picked paint pottery from her list.  It was one of the last things we finished this summer.  Super fun idea!  We went early one morning as a family and painted a set of dishes.  We plan to use these plate when we do our family fun nights.  We really had a great time.  Even the little ones can do something like this without too much help.

Rockin C - Tiffany is the busy mother and homeschooler of six. She had a great summer bucket list.  We had picked "End of summer bash" from her list.  Unfortunately, this was right as we had a family loss, so we didn't do much to celebrate the end of summer.  Next year... But please do go visit her blog.
Walters Fun House - Make rice krispie treats
Monkeyin Around - Evening bike ride
Academy at Thousand Oaks - Visit a transportation museum
This Mamas Heart - Make hand prints
Just Playin Around - Make snow cones
The Work of Childhood - We had picked ride paddle boats off this great list, but just never got around to pulling the slip. 
Adventures in Mommydom - Go to see Toys Story 3
Monkey See, Monkey Do (used to be Finding Me) - Terra had a super fun summer bucket list and has great posts of the fun they had this summer.  We had picked "feed the ducks" off her list. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer.  We're looking forward to some cooler fall weather and dreaming of next summer!


varunner said...

So impressed with what a fun summer you all had.

We got most (but not all) of ours checked off as well. Ours wasn't as fancy, but we did have fun with it. :-)

Ticia said...

great job achieving your list. I'm impressed.

MaryAnne said...

Oh wow! We need to make a bucket list next summer, I think.

How do you make the batik shark? That is really cool!

Kelly said...


For the batik shark, I used a shark shaped cookie cutter to traced it onto a piece of white construction paper and cut it out. My oldest then painted the cut out with gel glue and pressed it onto the apron. We let it dry and then did the tie dye the next day and followed its instructions for washing. Little Page Turners did a little different batik awhile back and she has a wonderful tutorial. Here is her link

amandab said...

That is an amazing list! You've inspired me to make a bucket list myself and see what we can do :) (Oh, and I'll be bookmarking yours for reference :D )

jenny @ let the children play said...

I love the idea of a bucket list: and with summer looming over this side of the world you have inspired me to create our own summer bucket list.