Friday, September 17, 2010

Signs of Fall Scavenger Hunt

signs of fall scavenger hunt for kids

I made a "signs of fall" scavenger hunt for Juiciness and Sassyfras using stickers of items on an index card.  I started to give them a crayon to mark off things as they found them, but thought better of it.  I figure that we will be taking lots of fall walks and they can use the cards again.   Instead, I took a pictures of what they found and we have made a fall picture book. 

signs of fall scavenger hunt

scavenger hunt for preschoolers

scavenger hunt for preschoolers

They also took a bag with them for their little treasures they always seem to find.  We came home with plenty of acorns, leaves, and rocks. 

signs of fall scavenger hunt

scavenger hunt for kids

Items on their list:

Fall colored leaves
Spiders (webs)


sara said...

What an adorable idea. I'll have to tell my sister about that. I don't think Pie would be very good at finding things yet :)

Christy said...

Cute idea! We did a neighborhood scavenger hunt in the spring where I took pictures of things around our neighborhood and put them in a book, then we went out looking for them. My kids loved it, so I bet they will enjoy this too!

Kelly said...

Christy- I love your idea! I may have to do it for Little J.
Sara- I bet Pie will just enjoy fall walks for now. The colors are so pretty.

Jacqui said...

What a great idea - I am going to do that with J on our next outing to the woods. We have sooo many acorns and horse chestnuts on our nature table, they have completely taken over. Thanks for dropping by. xx

Grace said...

Fun idea. My girls would love this.

amandab said...

Would love to see your photo book when you finish (a scrapbook, perhaps? :D ) Those flwer pictures are beautiful.

I really need to find a bag to dedicate for collecting treasures, keep meaning to but always forget :(

cathy @ NurtureStore said...

Kelly, this is such a good idea - really easy to put together and a great way to add some fun and learning to a walk. Thank you for sharing your idea with the Play Academy - hope you'll join us this week too :)

Amanda said...

A super idea! I think we are going to try this sometime soon! Thanks for the inspiration.