Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hot Cocoa Races, I Love you Rituals

While browsing some blogs last night, I found a site, Tiny Twist Creative, that had some recommended books that I'd never seen before.  One book was "I love You Rituals" by Becky A. Bailey.  My library doesn't have this book and it looked interesting enough for me to order it off Amazon.  It got me thinking of what rituals do we have as a family that say, "I love you". 

One that I thought of right away are our, "Hot cocoa races".  Bet you can't figure that one out without an explanation.  When Little J was around 4 he had a serious case of the dawdles.  He was perfectly capable of getting himself ready for the day without much assistance from me...if only he would hurry up

Building with frustration one morning, but not wanting explode, I said, "Let's race to see who can be ready first, the winner gets hot cocoa."  Little J responded, "Oh boy, a hot cocoa race."  We've been hot cocoa racing ever since, even if neither one of us really wanted hot cocoa...it's just "our thing" now. 

I'm pretty sure that most of our family rituals just happen and aren't planned.  As I think of more I may share more.  I'll also let you know how the books is when it arrives.  Do you have any special family rituals you're willing to share?


joyce:waddleeahchaa.com said...

This is a wonderful family ritual! Hot Cocoa Races! Our ritual is we are a hugging family. No one can marry into our family unless they don't mind getting a great, big, bear hug everytime we see each other, which is fairly often. Thanks for sharing your ritual and thanks for visiting us at waddleeahchaa.com. :) joyce

Christianne @ Little Page Turners said...

Love it! We dance. We turn up pandora and get our groove on. Totally hilarious and only done behind closed doors, but one of those things that makes us us. :)

Elise said...

That is a great way to fix a case of the dawdles. A hot cocoa would have me running too!

We're big on suprises - just because... we love you surprises. By surprises I mean things like having a creative snack prepared, putting an umbrella in a special drink and decorating it etc etc.

We also do "2 squeezes". When we are out and about while holding hands, I will gently give two squeezes to my children's hand and this is our code for "I love you". Of course, I tell our children every single day (numerous times) that I love them and how much I love them.

I'm looking forward to hearing what you have to say about the book.

Kelly said...

I love all the rituals you all have shared. I'm sure they make special memories. Thanks for posting.