Sunday, August 22, 2010

Transportation Museum

We're slowly, but surely working our way through our summer bucket list.  I'm stopping it Labor Day weekend and we'll have to do whatever is leftover during the year or save it for next summer.  We have done so much that I haven't blogged about, so I'll have to do a wrap up post to let you know how it all went.

Thanks to Lisa's summer bucket list at Two Bears Farm and Three Cubs blog, we visited a Transportation Museum today.  Lisa has a wonderful blog about her family and all the fun they have.  It's also home to'll just have to go see for yourself.  I hope you check it out!

The Transportaion Museum was really impressive.  You can take a train ride through the grounds.  The kids loved that part.  There is also a fabulous round house FILLED with antique trains and other exhibits. 
Also, if you ever wondered what Thomas and friends think of the turntable, now is your can ride one here.  The museum participates in reciprocal membership programs, so it was a pretty inexpensive outing.  It was a wonderful family day, thanks Lisa!


Christy said...

We have a transportation museum near us, but we have never been. I'll have to keep it in mind. I'm stopping our summer bucket list activities labor day weekend too. We still have a few things to do, but I know we won't get to everything.

varunner said...

Thanks for the link up! Elvis is doing quite well by the way ;-)

We've been having fun w/ the summer bucket list but we still have a few things to go; and I think we've got one or two things that won't be completed there's always this fall though).