Monday, August 23, 2010

30 Day Outdoor Challenge, Day 8-14

User error kept this from posting this weekend...

Saturday, Day 8- Farmer's market
The kids love walking through and seeing what veggies and fruit they like.  There is usually some live music as well and they enjoy stopping to listen. 

Sunday, Day 9- A neighborhood walk and butterfly watching again.

Monday, Day 10- Kiddie Pool play

Tuesday, Day 11- Science Museum, the outdoor portion
Birthday boy chose his favorite museum to go to today...a science one of course.  This museum is so large that it's hard to see everything before everyone is exhausted.  Fortunately, we have a membership, so we don't feel like we have to see everything every time. 

Wednesday, Day 12-  Bird watching

We have a mass of black-eyed-susans in our front garden that are starting to go to seed.  I noticed the other day that the gold finches are back feeding on them.  We took our binoculars, bird book, and some refreshments and went to sit out front to watch for our little friends.  It took forever to get Sassyfras and Juiciness to quiet down long enough for the birds to brave coming close.  They were so pretty to watch, but too fast for good pictures.  I've put some of our bird identification books that we enjoy on my shelfari.

Thursday, Day 13- Hula hoop
We pulled "Hula hoop" from our summer bucket list.  We spent a good part of the morning outside playing with that and then again that evening.

Friday, Day 14- Airplane watching

We went to an airport observation deck and watched planes come and go.  The kids thought this was really neat to see.  There is a playground closeby and we went there after.


Becky C said...

I absolutely love this idea! The airplane watching is one I will add to our field trip list. Sounds like you all are having a blast with this.
Becky C
A Country Classroom

Raising a Happy Child said...

I love how committed you are to spending time in nature and how well you vary your activities. Your kids have so much fun this year!