Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday Morning Fun

I've found that for next year's summer bucket list that I will have to make some adjustments.  Some things simply cannot be done spontaneously, mainly because I cannot control when these events happen.  These are things like, "Go to a yard sale or attend a children's play" etc.   For the most part though, it has worked out wonderfully.  

Juiciness pulled "Go to a yard sale" earlier this week and we saved it for this morning.  I haven't been to a yard sale in years.  Little J pulled out some of his change, we loaded up a cooler of drinks, and headed out to bargain!  At one stop there was a very friendly yellow lab.  Before I knew it Little J was asking the owner how much the dog was!  Thankfully, he was priceless! 

We followed that up by going to the farmer's market.  One of the stands had a recipe for cucumber water (not that it really takes a recipe to make).  My Nana used her garden cucumbers to make this from time to time when I was a child.  

Little J peeled the cucumbers and used a crinkle cutter to slice them.  He added the cucumber slices after filling pitcher with cold tap water.  We'll let it sit in the fridge for awhile and have some tonight when we play outside. 

After the farmer's market, we headed over to Panera Bread and shared some mini chocolate chip muffin tops.  It was a fun morning and now we're ready for an afternoon nap!


Christy said...

Our summer bucket list is just a list on the fridge and we check things off as we do them. I love the idea of picking something out of a jar, but I was afraid that the timing wouldn't always be appropriate. I guess you could have one group of items that you pick from and one list for things that have to be planned.

I love cucumber water.

Julia said...

What a fun day! I love yard sales ♥ and Panera Bread is SO yummy!