Monday, July 5, 2010

Road Trip with Nana, New York and Cape Cod

Our true destination of our trip was to Staatsburg, New York a village along the Hudson River (near Rhinebeck or Hyde Park, or Poughkeepsie, NY).  This is where my grandparents lived and I spent my idyllic summers.  I still have aunts and uncles in the area so it was very nice to see them and let my children spend time with them.

We visited Mill's Mansion, Vanderbilt Mansion, Roosevelt's home, and Samuel Morse's home. All these places are beautiful homes and grounds along the Hudson River. We were also able to do some site seeing in Rhinebeck, drive through the Culinary Institute in Hyde Park, play along the Hudson and hunt for arrowheads, visit my grandparents graves, and enjoy the pretty summer weather.

This old mansion is under repair, but can still be toured.  However, the real beauty is its grounds.  It sits high on a hill overlooking the Hudson River.  There are numerous trails to walk.  My kids really enjoyed running free here...also one of my favorite childhood places.  I remember long hikes with my grandfather, fishing from the boat dock, and picking blackberries and raspberries in the woods.

This is Franklin and Eleanore Roosevelt's home, libraries, and grave sites in Hyde Park, NY.  It is a National Historic Site.  This beautiful site overlooks the Hudson River as well. 


Samuel F. B. Morse's home, Locus Grove, in Poughkeepsie, NY.  It is a National Historic Landmark.   This home and grounds overlook the Hudson River.  The grounds are free to tour, but the museum charges a fee.  They have a wonderful gift shop too.

After saying a sad goodbye to our family, friends, and Hudson Valley we headed for Cape Cod, MA.  It has been at least 15 years since I have been to visit and the first for my kids.  We toured Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, played at the Cape Cod National Seashore and Nauset Beaches, shopped, and of course enjoyed LOBSTER and LOBSTER ROLLS. 

Nauset Beach
We enjoyed chocolate milkshakes at the picnic tables before leaving.

Now here is where I either win the mother of the year award or men in little white coats are going to knock on my door, but what's a road trip for, right?!  Our next stop was New York City!  Why?  Because Little J has a friend that visited last summer and told him all the wonderful things about the city.  He has been asking to go ever since.  The only draw back was we only had the day to go.  When I asked him what he wanted to see the most...FOA Schwartz and Toys R Us in Time Square...of course.  So we did get to those stores, but also drove the city and saw many of the typical destinations.  We also went for a short walk in Central Park before heading south for home. 

I'll post some of my packing tips this coming week.  Dr. Wonderful couldn't make this road trip, so I made special preparations knowing I wouldn't have hunky man power to help!


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