Friday, July 2, 2010

Road Trip With Nana, Luray Caverns

One of our "Summer Bucket List" items was a road trip with Nana.  We just finished it and it was a whirlwind trip!  We actually can pull some of our bucket list items as we did so much on this one trip. 

Our first stop was Luray Caverns in Virginia.  Incredible!  Completely worth the trip.  A side tip, if you are going to visit send off to Giant Foods Grocery store for a savings card.  You get 50% off the second adult ticket.  I was surprised to see how busy the caverns were, but I could see why.  They are very beautiful and amazing to see in person.  There are about 70 stairs leading down into the cave and it was not a cold as I had thought it would be.  They provide you with an audio tour as you walk through, which by the way takes about an hour.  They have a program for adults and another one for the kids and both were great.  Little J had a miners hat he wore, which actually came in handy when the lights went out a couple of times! 

Little J had read up on caves and watched a few IMAX programs in preparation for his trip, too funny.

Dream Lake. 
The top of the picture is actual cave formations, but the floor is water showing a reflection of the ceiling.

The one part I didn't care for is when you finish, you come straight out into a gift shop.  I shuttle us right out of there so we could go get some ice cream and sit for a few minutes before heading out to our next stop...Harpers Ferry, West Virgina!


Julia said...

Oh, wow, that is so gorgeous!

Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

Found you from Field Trip Friday- thanks for linking up!:) Loved reading about your trip to Hershey, PA, what a yummy place to visit!:) I visited Lancaster County with my parents' when I was younger and would love to visit again with my own family now. I'm sure you made some incredible memories along the way. Thanks for sharing your adventures!Blessings!:)

Kim said...

I remember this place from when I was young. Wonderful!