Friday, July 2, 2010

Road Trip With Nana, Harpers Ferry

Our second road trip stop was Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.  Before we visited I printed off some material from their website.  I think many of the National Parks have information for kids or Jr ranger programs.  We weren't going to visit long enough to complete the program, but it was nice to have some info with us.  We went first thing in the morning, a bus takes you down to the town and then you're free to walk around. 

I think all my kids "grew up" a bit on this trip.  Little J was such a good helper.

The railroad is still in use.  The train is going over the bridge in the background.

Since it was so early in the morning all the actual stores were still closed (the museums and houses were open).  That was fine though as we always travel with our own refreshments.

Don't get tired yet, because we're headed to Hershey, PA next...yum.


Jenny said...

I love the ideas for this vacation so far! You should link up to Field Trip Friday on

Kelly said...

Jenny- Thanks for the great blog tip! It looks like a fun blog to explore.