Saturday, July 10, 2010

Packing Tips for Traveling with Kids

As I mentioned in a previous post, Dr. Wonderful couldn't go on our road trip.  I knew traveling without him would pose certain difficulties.  My mom is wonderful with the kids and great to travel with, but I knew she wasn't going to be able to do the heavy lifting he does for us. 

Instead of packing a suitcase, I used Big Ziploc bags. 

tips for traveling with kids
I packed one bag for each day to last for half of the trip (I knew I would be wash midway through).  I packed clothes for the following day for each person on the bottom. Then put pj's on the top.  I inserted a small piece of curling ribbon in each bag.  I tied the bag with the ribbon after packing dirty clothes back up the following morning.  This was my way of letting me know what bags had been used. 

I packed a couple of "specialty" bags.  One was for just swimsuits and another was sweatshirts. 

When we went into the hotel for the night, I slipped a bag into my shoulder bag and we went in with relative ease.  I had a toiletries bag that was also in my shoulder bag. 

Everyone had just one pair of shoes -what they were wearing!  I figured if for some reason they ruined a pair, then we could stop and get another, it wasn't like we left the planet.  My mother packed a small suitcase and was able to manage that herself. 

I packed favorite toys and books in small backpacks for each of the kids.
I could slip the backpack on each kid and they could help carry their own things without them falling everywhere. 

I ditched the portable cribs for The Pea Pod II.
This involved spending some money, but well worth it for me!  Pea Pods are little pop up tents for kids under six to use for a portable sleeping area.  They come in a little bag with straps and are light weight and easy to fit in the car.  I don't think I could have managed dragging in and out two portable cribs the entire trip! 

Little J slept in the bed with me, but the twins needed a secure place. I'm never sure what we will get if I request portable cribs at hotel stays, so I have always brought my own sleeping arrangements for them.

I used reusable grocery bags with long handles to carry unrefrigerated foods and supplies and a soft sided cooler for the cold items.
I found the bags were easier to carry than regular grocery bags since I could put them over my shoulder too. 

Since I am mentioning some specific products, I just wanted to say that I have not been asked by the companies or reimbursed by the companies to do this.  This is just what I found helpful for our family.

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