Monday, July 19, 2010

Lego Store, Summer Bucket List


Today was an exciting summer bucket list pull!  Little J pulled, "Visit to the Lego Store".  He was so excited!  He has been saving his money and decided he would bring some of it with him today.  It was about an hour drive, but we had fun. 

The store has several areas set up with Legos, Duplos, and computer games for the kids to play with.  They each picked out a small kit to bring home with them.  We decided to visit the other stores at the mall and eat lunch in the food court. 

We visited the Disney Store. 

Took some pictures in this photo booth.  Very funny!

We went in the Godiva chocolate shop and picked out one chocolate for everyone's dessert tonight.  I unofficially marked, "Visit a chocolate shop" off our bucket list.  I figured this counted!

We also went in the Bath and Body Shop and sampled some of the great smelling lotions.  Now we're not only noisy going through the mall, but smell like we fell into a vat of tutti fruity!


Julia said...

I love this! Looks like a very fun day and those chocolates look delicious :)

Ticia said...

Lego store, how I wish you were in Austin.

So, do they have Toy Story figure packs in there? I know when we visited last winter they had Star Wars one where you could just get the figures.

Kelly said...

It's funny you should say that about the Star Wars figures because they were on sale today and Little J used some of his money to buy a pack. Unfortunately, I was too busy keeping up with the other two (I'm sure you understand!) to notice all the figures they had. I dare say if they make them, then they probably did since they did have a lot of Toy Story kits.

The Sunshine Crew said...

Fun post! I added you to my blogroll and am now your newest follower, too. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog, too.
Have a great day:)

Ticia said...

Hmmmmm, now to suggest to my in-laws to get some of those for my kids. They don't need more bricks, but they love the figures and will commonly play with 20 or so each.

Christy said...

What a great day! I would love one of those chocolates.