Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Big Snack Hunt

Colleen's blog, Sunrise Learning Lab, hosted a "Snack Scavenger Hunt".  I must admit I was a little lost at first.  My husband and I don't snack much, other than our "Happy Friday Night" thing, but those are more appetizers than snacks.  I tried to think of what I put out for the kids or see them choosing, what I bring when we travel, and what we eat at a family fun night. 

The list:

1. Your family's 3 favorite snacks...please share photos of them, why you like them, as well as the country of origin.
  • Fruit- Mostly melons and berries.  Because it is healthy, sweet, and juicy.  I'm not a "have to have organic" person, but we do eat so much fruit that I generally do buy organic, especially for those on the recommended list (such as berries).   We try to buy local produce if possible, so the continent for these are North America.
  • Ice Cream- Does this really need an explanation as to why?  Our Internet research seems to point to China, so Asia is the continent of orgin.  Our ice cream however was made right here in our home state...so North America.
  • Popcorn with a few M&M's. We usually eat this after Juiciness and Sassyfras are asleep and we're watching a movie. It looks like Mexico is credited for the orgins of popcorn, so another North America.
2. A snack food that is commonly eaten on your continent, but that your family does not like to eat...
  • We're not big potato chip eaters.  Not that we never have them, just very infrequently. 
  • Little J does not like cookies, brownies, or cake.  Weird huh?

3. Find individual snack items to represent each of the colors of the rainbow..all of the snacks have to be from the continent you are representing.

Orange and blue
Green and Purple Olives. 
I often put a small plate out before dinner and they get devoured!

I know I left yellow out of the pictures.  I guess I would have to say the kids like bananas.

4. Share your favorite snack recipe and tell the continent this snack represents.
I'm not sure we have a super favorite, but Dr. Wonderful and I love chips and salsa.  You can see a picture here.

5. Find 2 snacks that are made to look like something else...for example, "ants on a log"...

I can only think of one thing that I make that fits this category.  I guess I'll have to put some thought into this!
This is supposed to be a pear bunny, however, it's ranking right up there with my deranged owl from MTM.

6. Take some photos of any of your favorite wrappers / packaging from snack foods that are from the continent you are doing.

These are some of the snacks that I throw in our bags/cooler when we go out for the day.
I think these are so fun!

7. Try to one find one snack item that is completely new and from a different continent than the continent you are doing. Do a family taste test and share your results.
  • I'm not sure that Beignets are considered a snack, but the kids have never had them before.  Dr. Wonderful's family is from New Orleans, so it seemed fitting to give them a try.  Beignets are often traditionally thought to be from New Orleans, but it is believed they originated in Europe.  Juiciness liked them (big surprise...not), Sassyfras wasn't sure, and Little J gave them thumbs down (HOW?!).

Little J can freely get his own snacks.  I've just started setting out a small 8 oz pitcher of water and a couple of small cups for Juiciness and Sassyfras to help themselves.  At first it was a big novelty and they poured and drank enough water to become fish.  Now they just go there when they're thirsty.  I generally prepare their snack and set it on their table, but soon I'll make them a snack drawer like I did when Little J was their age.  I don't think they are quite ready to do this without help.

Next month's scavenger hunt is "Shapes in Nature".  Head over to Colleen's blog, Sunrise Learning Lab, for more info.


{Bobbi} said...

Mmm...it all looks good. I think that's wonderful the kids don't eat too many cakes and cookies. I was brought up on junk food. I'm slowly trying to break the habits. I do love to bake. What you feed your kiddos is going to have a significant effect on them in the future. You are on the right track Mama.

sara said...

I'm hungry now...can I come over for snacks? :)

The Sunshine Crew said...

Awesome! Am just waiting to set up the linky and then, will link yours to the page.
Thank you for participating!
you will be getting some goodies for your family's participation.
hope that you will want to do next month's scavenger hunt, too...theme: shapes in nature!
Am hoping that I have your permission to post a few of your food photos when I do the post summing up the scavenger hunt...
you still retain all rights to your own photos, I just want to feature them on my blog later this week, when everyone else turns their hunt photos in!
Also, you are getting a little something special from me, as you were the first person to post:)

Christianne @ Little Page Turners said...

I LOVE the pear bunny. Don't be so hard on yourself. ;)

The Sunshine Crew said...

Hi Kelly,

Here is the post on my blog letting people know how cool your photos came out...

Will post the remaining photos on Friday.
Thanks again for participating,

:) Colleen

The Sunshine Crew said...

Thanks for participating. Here is the wrap up post.


Happy Friday!
Colleen :)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

This post has been selected as one of my great posts of the week. Here is the link to my post: http://www.jdaniel4smom.com/2010/07/great-posts-i-came-across-this-week_31.html

The Sunshine Crew said...

Hi Kelly,
i can't find your email addy. Will you please mail it to me at my email so that I can send you the pdfs for the cookbook, etc.?


Jackie H. said...

Great idea to have the water pitcher. What a good motor skills practice.