Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Adventures In Mommydom, Toy Story 3!!

Mom tip, bring a couple of small ziploc bags to the theatre.  I can buy a small popcorn or candy and dole it out much easier than passing a bucket or pieces of candy.

Yippee!!  Sassyfras pulled "See Toy Story 3" from our bucket.  This idea comes from Ticia at Adventures In Mommydom.  Ticia is busy raising her three young kids and sponsors the "Science Sunday" link up and it is wonderful.  All sorts of amazing parents do some type of science exploration with their kids and report back at Adventures In Mommydom. 

Unfortunately for Juiciness and Sassyfras, they are just a little too little to go to a movie at the theater.  However, their Grammy was more than happy to have them over and they get spoiled rotten there!  Also, we had planned to purchase this movie when it comes out and we'll have a family movie night and they will get to be a part of the evening then. 

So, we headed off for a matinee.  It gets a thumbs up from Little J and his mommy!  Such a cute movie, again. 


Christy said...

I enjoy Ticia's blog too!

We loved Toy Story 3.

{Bobbi} said...

Great tip about the sandwich bags! They always seem stinging about giving me extra boxes!

Ticia said...

The small bags would be so much easier.

How'd you like Toy Story 3? We saw it when we were out in California and my kids LOVED it, and they got to experience an earthquake while we saw it (which I was completely oblivious to, show how aware I am of my surroundings).