Sunday, June 6, 2010

Science Sunday Round-Up

I thought I would give an update of all our science projects that we are currently working on today.

Our Cope's Gray Treefrog tadpoles are 12 days old now.  They are continuing to grow and are eating well.  They have not grown any legs yet.  This is a picture of them feeding and right before a small water change.  Little J collected a new cup of water from the pond and we simply removed a cup and added just over a cup back.

One of our butterflies has emerged and we're expecting the others very soon.  It took a good day for the one to get settled, but then it started feeding on the sugar water, orange, and flowers in the habitat.  It's pretty amazing.

Our cave experiment on day 3 had regrown a stalactite (recovered from me breaking the first one).  However, water was seeping out onto the tray.

This picture is at day 7 of the cave experiment.  The stalactite had reached the tray and began to crystallize around.  I don't think I would stay a stalagmite really grew though.  You can see that the crystals grew on the glasses too.  Little J was pretty happy with the results. 

To see other Science Sunday projects, head over to Ticia's blog, Adventures in Mommydom...a pretty awesome blog for homeschooling young children!


An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

The tadpoles and butterflies are great! We're going to have to try the stalactite experiment again - you've given me hope :)

Discovering Montessori said...

I have to try this stalacite experiment. I bet it even more interesting close up. Thanks for sharing!!

Ticia said...

I would be happy with it too, that is soooooo cool!
Did you catch the tadpoles?

htebazile said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog too! I found your blog through ohdeedoh, your summer bucket post - such a fun idea! Love the science sunday you've got going on too, my boys and I will be joining in soon!!

Michelle said...

I don't know why you said it didn't work. It looks like it worked out perfectly. I don't think ours grew very much from the bottom, but it took a long time. I think it at least gets the point across about how it happens in caves. It's the slow dripping of minerals. Luray was really cool. I think they were the largest we've been to. It's amazing how many caves there actually are. Thanks for stopping by my blog! If I'm not following you yet, I'll follow you now!