Friday, June 4, 2010

Firefly Hunt, Friday's Nature Table

This week's Friday's Nature Table sponsored by The Magic Onions is really an outdoor nature time for us this week.  We're going on a Firefly hunt tonight!

The arrival of June signals the arrival of fireflies here.  As a child I can remember getting to stay up late from time to time in order to go on a firefly hunt.  It was a little summer ceremonial event that I looked forward to each summer.  Last year was the first year that I took Little J on a formal firefly hunt and this year Sassyfras and Juiciness will be invited to join us. 

Last year he decided that his shell net would be helpful.  He also took along his lantern and walkie talkies-one for me and one for himself...just in case we got lost.

Here are are few things that I will do to prepare for our evening.

1. Have the kids take a later afternoon nap rather than right after lunch. 

2. Plan a fun, nutritious snack to have while we watch the fireflies for a bit.

3. Have bath towels and jammies laid out for a speedy bath before bed.

4. Read the Very Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle as a bedtime story before we go.

5. Dress everyone in lightweight, long sleeved/legged clothes.

6. Bug spray everyone before the hunt, but wash their hands. Check for ticks after.

7. Prepare firefly collection bottles (moist paper towel inside and holes in the lid).  I found that the Starbucks coffee bottles have removable labels and are easy for little hands to carry. 

8. Prepare flashlights.  From our research we learned that fireflies do not interpret blue light the same as a standard light.  You can transform your ordinary flashlight with a piece of blue acetate over the lens.

We always release the fireflies after a short time of observing them.  We also take a log with us and report back to our local science museum.  You may want to check with your local museums to see if they have a firefly watch too.  We record such things as how many we see, how many flashes, and how often.   Here is a link that I found where you can download your own log and participate in the study.


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psagecreations said...

Oooo...that sounds like fun. Thanks for the great tips too.

BTW...I think our mountain weather is pretty strange too. Stranger than last year...but I think that's just how it goes sometimes. I'm learning to adapt (lol).