Monday, May 3, 2010

Summer Bucket List, Things to do Before Summer Ends

Now that it is May I thought I would tell you how much I love summer. This past year has been the first year that Little J has been away at school for a good portion of the day and I have definitely missed him.  I'm looking forward to all the moments we'll have this summer as a family. 

I certainly think that kids, all of us really, need moments of boredom.  I think it gives us time to day dream, imagine, and do something different than the ordinary.  However, there are a lot of planned things we have anticipated doing this summer as well.  I think many families make summer fun lists and we have made one too, a long one.  We've come up with our "Summer Bucket" list, things we want to do before summer ends.  Our list is rather lengthy, so I do wonder if we'll finish it or if we even need to.

We started by making a list of everything we want to do, places we wanted to go, things we want to make, read, or study about.  Next I broke them down into categories based how much time we needed to allot for an activity.  I then color coded them, put them on the coordinating paper, and we put them into "the bucket". 

Depending on the plans for the day, we'll draw out of the bucket a piece of paper that matches our timeframe and interest for the day.  For example, if we have an entire day and want to take a little excursion, we'll pick from the purple papers (road trip, all day activities). And, "Surprise, we're off to the zoo or even better, the beach!"  Or, if we only have an afternoon and feel like a craft, we'll draw from the green papers and, "Surprise, we're doing tie-dye".

I'm working on getting all the supplies we'll need for our activities, unless getting the supplies is part of the fun, so that we can just jump right into having fun.  I'm storing them in giant ziploc bags and a rubbermade tote.  I have a box I keep in the car stocked with snacks and drinks, utensils, treasure bags, and extra clothes. The swim towels and supplies and playground toys are in a basket in the hall closet ready at the drop of a hat.

I'll post again soon about some of the fun we're planning on having this summer.  I can't wait to see what everyone is doing too. 



Beth said...

Super cute idea! I always make a summer "bucket list" too (minus the bucket so thanks for the idea!!!)

Wonder Mom said...

GREAT idea!

JOY said...

LOVE this idea - we are making summer plans now. I'm going to share your idea on my blog - i'll link back to you! :0)

Kelly said...

Joy- Thank you! Feel free to link or copy and paste and give me a shout out. I can't wait to see your summer plans. I'm going to post our list in the next day or two. thanks again.

Jackie H. said...

I love how you have everything organized to go at the drop of a hat! It takes me 30 mins. to just get out of the house w/ my 2 babies. maybe I'll make a car tote too!

the sleepy time gal said...

how cool! we do something very similar to that, and you just reminded me we haven't started it up this summer. thanks!