Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

All of my grandfathers, father, and brother have served in the military and all but my brother served during wartime. Fortunately, all survived their service, although, not without great sacrifice.

One of my grandfathers lost his leg during WWII. He returned home to father 7 children and become a wonderful Baptist pastor. He never let his injury get him down and was a wonderful example of perseverance and joy to others.

The grandfather that I was closest to was unharmed physically, but I'm sure carried many emotional scars home. During his time of service he wrote letters home to my grandmother every day. She kept these letters her entire life and when I became an adult she gave them to me with permission to read them. They are the most wonderful letters, unlike any love letter people write today. He called her darling and dear. Told her of his day and made is sound like he was just a short ways away on a lovely beach. He made their love sound precious. He served in the Dutch East Indies and I'm sure it was not a lovely scene. I treasure these letters so much.

We'll have our Memorial Day fun today, but I will be sure to tell my children of their brave grandfathers and uncle.

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Brimful Curiosities said...

Yes, even those that served and came home without injury still carry scars. My husband's grandfather was never the same mentally after serving in WWII. It is wonderful that your grandmother shared her letters with you.