Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday's Nature Table

We have quite a bit in the way of nature and exploration going on in our house right now. We have our painted lady butterflies that have finally made their chrysalids. Two of the caterpillars died, two formed chrysalids within a week, and the last took its time. It was a very big caterpillar by the time it decided to make its chrysalis with the others. It's rather funny to have two year olds running around the house saying, "pupa". So, at any rate, we have the painted lady chrysalids in the butterfly house awaiting their butterfly arrival.

Our other project is watching our Cope's Gray Treefrog tadpoles develop.  I set up our critter box to house a fresh batch of eggs this past Monday.  We labeled the date of the new eggs and within 3 days all the tadpoles broke free of the egg sacks.  They are fairly quiet right now, but seem to be growing quickly.

These pictures were taken 4 days after the eggs were collected.  They are about the size of a stray pencil mark.


Ticia said...

Super cool. I finally got my butterfly garden, and now I want to check out their website and see the other bugs I can order.

Kelly said...


I can't wait to see what you order. I'd love to order a praying mantis. I'm not sure if they have them or not, but I've seen them at other sites.

tree said...

Oh..i wonder why two of your caterpillars died? Ours did really well, and i was surprised how quickly the transformation was. It seemed different than the other caterpillars we've raised.

We have tadpoles too right now! We have 5 total, two have arms and legs, and the other three have bag legs and are just beginning to get arm buds. So much fun to watch! The kids are mesmerized!

We raise praying mantis ever year as well. They always seem to hide egg cases in our flower beds. We missed the actual hatching this year, but are still finding baby praying mantis everywhere. :) We love them.

Good luck with butterflies! Our last Chyrsalis is about to emerge (it's transparent) and we will probably be releasing them this afternoon! i was hoping one would lay eggs in the enclosure, but we haven't seen any so far.

Thanks for commenting on my post!