Sunday, April 25, 2010

What a Plant Needs to Grow

Our science Sunday project is "What a plant needs to grow".  We stopped by our local nursery and bought a pack of marigolds to work with.  We did a little coloring page showing plants need soil, sun, water, and air to grow. 

Juiciness and Sassyfras made plant markers so they can see what each plant is receiving. I'm hoping this will give them have a visual cue as to what is affecting the plant.

Then we separated our plants into the following groups:
         Gets water and sun (our control plant) vs gets no water and no sun
                                    Gets water only vs gets no water
                                    Gets sun only vs gets no sun

    Little J's Hypothesis: The plant receiving both sun and water will grow the most and the plant with no sun will grow the least.

    Little J and I made his science notebook and we took pictures of all our healthy plants that we'll print and put it on the page "Day 1" for each one. 

    Sassyfras and Juiciness helped hold them so he could measure each plant. 

    Then, he labeled and set all the plants in the correct locations. 

    We'll monitor the plants each day and Little J will photograph and log his observations in his notebook.  Our "control" plant will be the plant that gets sun and water.  We'll use it to compare to the other plants in our project.


    Ticia said...

    What a wonderfully fun and simple experiment. I'm sure your kids will remember this for a while.
    And I love the diagrams.

    Wonder Mom said...

    What a great into into SO MANY things...plants, weather, graphing...EXCELLENT idea!

    (Pssst- I'm following you now-so I can glean from your great ideas!)

    Julie said...

    I love this idea. We also talked about what plants need to grow, but on a basic level. I love that you've incorporated an actual experiment to go along with it.