Monday, April 12, 2010

Plant and Flower Study

Our theme for the next couple of weeks will be plants and flowers.  We started our morning by visiting our local botanical gardens.  They have a great children's garden with child friendly plants and a garden shed. 

I put this poster on our refrigerator so Juiciness and Sassyfras can see it often throughout the day.  They are working on learning the sound of letter "f", recognizing the number 4, the shape of the week is the rectangle, the color of the week is yellow, and our theme is plants and flowers. 

They have learned the sounds of a, b, c, d, r, and m.  I had initially thought I would teach the letter sounds in alphabetical order, but with urging from Little J's Montessori teacher I decided to go with the Montessori order...hence the backtrack a little.  They don't really recognize numbers well, although they count from 1-20 pretty well.  They have most of their colors down, but occasionally need reminding.  They can hand you a circle, triangle, and square when you ask, but don't name anything but a circle. 

I haven't tried patterns with them yet.  I put this together and showed them how to do it.  It went surprisingly well.

We did this activity once before, but I thought I would bring it out again.  I punched holes in the center of foam flowers and gave them a chenille stem to string them.  It's good hand eye coordination and fine motor work.


Brimful Curiosities said...

Thanks for commenting on the magic school bus post. I have not read the book with my 5yo daughter yet. She just turned 5 and I wasn't sure that she would follow all the details or have the attention span for the book. After reading your comment, I decided that she probably would enjoy it. Not sure why I thought it was for older kids! I'm now following your blog since my kids are nearly the same age as yours. Very interesting posts.

My Creative Side: Montessori Inspired said...

Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog today and the wonderful comment. I think your blog is wonderful. I like your apple tree sticks and your foam flowers and your prop boxes that you put together. Can't wait to take a look at more. I just wanted to stop by and say hi.

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