Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Follow the Child, Follow the Recipe

Little J loves to cook.  He can crack an egg better than I can and he is a pro at using the mixer.  He's working on becoming a "master chef".  I told him long ago that he couldn't use the stove or the sharp knives because he was not a master chef yet and somehow that stuck with him! 

I checked a couple of kid's cookbooks out of the library for him and he was pretty excited.  He came to me with recipes he had found and wanted to make, at 6:00 AM.  I told him to go write his shopping list and we would go to the grocery a little later.

He picked out making lemonade as his first recipe. He has made this before with me telling him what to do, but this time he read the book and followed the instructions, very cool. 

Never mind "Six large lemons" took up the entire page, at least he's writing!

He assembled all his equipment (I helped straighten it a little for the photo).

I scored the lemons to give him a starting spot to cut them in half.  He is using a lettuce knife.  It's sharp and he could still cut himself, but not as sharp as a paring knife.  I supervised closely the entire time. 

This is a great hand strengthening activity.  The red mat is a silicone baking mat that I picked up at the Target dollar section awhile back.  It keeps things from sliding around on the tray.

Pouring the lemon juice into his simple sugar mix.

He then put it in a larger pitcher and added more water.  He was really sweet pouring everyone a glass to have a taste.  Delicious Little J!

The recipe is from the book, "The Toddler Cookbook" by Annabel Karmel (see my shelfari for more details).  It has several recipes that we will be making over the next couple of weeks and even Sassyfras and Juiciness will be able to participate.


Wonder Mom said...

Yummmm...makes me pucker my lips just reading this...

JDaniel4's Mom said...

This books sounds wonderful!

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The Redhead Riter said...

Very sweet pics and it made me thirsty LOL

kris in larryville said...

I am excited to hear about you cooking with your children. Audrey is two and we do something in the kitchen almost everyday. I look forward to more cooking!