Thursday, March 4, 2010

Writer's Box

Unfortunately, handwriting has always been with a few tears for our oldest son, Little J.  He had/has some fine motor delays that have made writing a chore for him.  This has been especially true being trained in a Montessori school.  I truly admire and appreciate the Montessori philosophy or he wouldn't be where he is.  However, writing is presented and expected to come before reading.  Well, in Little J's case it did not and it was a sore spot with him.  He was reading when he entered the school, but far from writing or forming letters well. 

He has worked very hard to overcome his delay.  He still struggles with writing, but now, unlike the past, he really wants to write.  I've made this box for him.  I'm hoping it will make him smile when he uses it and will encourage him to write often and well.  I'm showing it filled with our goodies, but will only place one or two activities at a time in the box for him.

The container is a plastic scrapbook paper box.

Fun writing tools. 
Twist up crayons, dry erase makers in fun colors, fun pencils with fun erasers, chalk, gel pens, and wipe off crayons.  Little J's teacher cautions against using markers as they are too easy to write with and won't help develop muscle strength.  We have some, but I will not put them in his writer's box.

Little J' writes some letters oddly and draws others, so I'm hoping this will help him remember the steps to write some of those letters.

Fun writing tablets. 
Fun notebooks, a diary, chalk board, mad libs, and mini write on etch a sketch.  We have composition paper too, just not shown.

These are wipe off letters that show the direction to write the letter.  They also come in capitals.

Magnetic wipe off board shown with magnetic poetry words.  I thought I would use this for creative sentence writing or copy work.

Wipe off placemats that also show the direction to write a letter.  Little J will be learning cursive this month and will be starting some creative writing at school.  I'll be placing some creative writing prompts in his box in the near future as well.

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