Friday, March 12, 2010

How to Make Rainsticks with Kids

We made rain sticks to go with our weather theme this week.  Juiciness and Sassyfras did a great job with this and thought it was fun to march around shaking them.  This is how we made them:

  • Pringles cans, paper towel tubes, or something similar
  • Crayons, washable markers, paint or any other medium you wish to decorate with
  • Styrofoam packing peanuts
  • Dried beans
  • Tape/glue
  • Decorate the outside of the tube. 
  • Fill the tube with the styrofoam peanuts. 
  • Spoon desired amount of dried beans. 
  • Glue the lid shut.
The styrofoam peanuts slow the beans down and it makes a gentle rain sound.  Since Sassyfras and Juiciness are only 25 months, I supervised this activity very closely and have not allowed them to play with these unsupervised.

preschool weather theme craft

They painted the outside of a Pringles can with yellow (our color of the week) craft paint.

preschool weather theme crafts

Once the cans were painted and dry, they filled them with the styrofoam peanuts.

how to make rainsticks with kids

Finally, they spooned dried lentils into the cans and we sealed the lid.  When you turned these it makes the sound of gently falling rain.


jennwa said...

Those are so much fun to make and play with.

My Creative Side: Montessori Inspired said...

Your rainsticks are so adorable. I HAVE TO make this with the children this week. I hope thats ok. Again, your blog is so wonderful. Thanks for all your time in your blog and wonderful ideas that are unique. Lisa:)

My HomeMade Montessori Manipulatives

Anonymous said...

You could cover the entire thing with packing tape or contact paper. You would still be able to see the beautiful art and keep the lid secure.