Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Farm Theme Activities

Fine Motor
I found these stickers at Michael's.  I thought they would be great to go along with the book Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown.

Problem Solving Time
For our problem solving time we read the story Little Pink Pig by Pat Hutchins and played hide and seek afterward.  It was fun to watch them decide where and how to hide and then watch the other one giggle at their sibling hiding in fairly plain site. 

This is a really cute story about a little pig that needs to go to bed, but his mother can't find him.  She goes to each of the farm animals asking if they've seen him not realizing Little Pink Pig is following her, but just ending up side tracked before catching up with her.  My kids giggled at the ending to the story. 

**Addendum to post the following morning:  When I went to get Sassyfras and Juiciness up this morning they both had their blankets over their heads trying to "hide".  They were all giggles when I said, "Where is Sassyfras, Where is Juiciness?"  **

We were able to visit one of our local dairy farms yesterday.  While we were there we enjoyed some ice cream.  I also bought some heavy cream so we could make butter at home.

How We Made Butter:

  • Using clean baby food jars, we added some heavy cream and pinch of salt. 

  • I showed them how to shake the jar.  We put on some fun music to dance and shake the jars.  It only took about 5 minutes before butter formed.  

  • I poured off the remaining buttermilk and let them spread the butter on some toast to taste. YUM!
 This was a very easy project and worth doing with kids. 
...and shake some more.

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