Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lesson Plans

This week we are learning about what a forest is and what animals and plants live in a forest.  We took a walk today in the woods and just looked, listened, touched, and played.  We plan on going again tomorrow and this time we will bring our buckets for collectibles and make a science tray.  I'm hoping to miss running into any bears, but a squirrel or rabbit or two would be fun.  If the weather stays nice this week, we will take multiple walks in the woods for art time, picinic time, and playtime.

Our letter sound this week is, "D,d".  I've started writing letters on their hands and they seem to like it.  Our sandpaper letters did not arrive yet, so that will have to wait until next week. 

Letter "D" dabbed with brown paint using bubble wrap. 

Our color of the week is brown.  I have a kitchen drawer that we call "our color drawer" and I fill it with objects the same color as our color of the week.  

We read Brown Bear Brown Bear, What Do You See by Bill Martin Jr today and made this mini book to go along with it.  I found it here.

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