Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lesson Plans, "All About Me"

We're just getting back into the swing of things after enjoying many days of fun filled snow play and then several sick days. Our lesson plan theme last week should have been "All About Me" focusing on our bodies, feelings, and senses. The plan was to carry that theme into this week to include "My family and friends". We'll mesh these together since we didn't do too much last week.
These are some of our activities we're planning:
  • body tracing, trace hands and feet 
  • play with Mr. Potato Head 
  • lots of sensory play- smelling different items, touching different textures, adding substances and scents to finger paints to make different textures and smells, sound jars, tasting sweet/salty/sour/ 
  • make photo albums of family and friends
  • make a family and friends collage 
  • make placemats with Juiciness and Sassyfras's picture and name (name recognition) 
  • make a book "All About Me"
  • make valentines for friends and family

We are reviewing the sounds of "A, B, and C". They still enjoy looking at their letter/sound books. Occasionally, one of them will grab a magnet letter off the fridge and say “A”. Sometimes it is “A” and sometimes it’s “C”, but at least their associating with it. I'll be introducing sandpaper letters next week. I realize I'm not going in the order that Montessori introduces the letters, but this is the way I've chosen to do it.
They have had all the basic colors previously introduced to them, so this week I thought we would focus on red, blue, and yellow and maybe even try some color matching activities.

For some reason they both have caught on to rote counting pretty well. They can count up to 6 now. We count everything…the stairs as we go up and down, how many crackers they have at snack, how many dolls or trains are on the table. We'll keep building on that until we get to 10 and then I'll try some number recognition and correspondence activities. Our shape this week is the heart of course!

As always, we'll do lots of gross and fine motor activities, practical life activities, and some fun art projects. I’ll post pictures as we go along. Have a happy week!

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