Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How to Make a Leprechaun Garden

I know it's early to think about St. Patrick's Day with our hearts set on Valentine's Day, but this project requires a little time to grow.  I ordered "Lucky Shamrock" bulbs so we could make a leprechaun garden and some gifts for teachers.  They are supposed to bloom in 4-5 weeks from planting, so hopefully, we'll be right on time. 

We used this glass jar from Target for our garden setting.  Little J lined it with pea gravel, added soil, and planted a few shamrock bulbs. He decorated the top with shamrock shaped pebbles and gold coins.  We have some little wooden houses that he is going to paint green and put in here too.

The inspiration for this jar is from one of our favorite St. Patty's Day books, A Fine St Patrick's Day, by Susan Wojciechowski.  It's about two towns that have a yearly competition to decorate for St. Patty's day.  Along comes a strange little man needing help. One town denies him help and the other abandons their plans to help him, even at the cost of winning the contest.  Hopefully, in a few more weeks we can show you some beautiful shamrocks.

I ordered bulbs from this company, Easy To Grow  They arrived in wonderful condition just days after I ordered them.  I was very pleased with their customer service as well.  -Just so you know, I did not receive anything free from them or any incentive to blog about them.  It just took me awhile to find what I wanted for this project and thought I would save anyone interested in doing one too the time and hassle.


Christie said...

Wow, I love this idea. And what fun it would be to do with the girls' classrooms. I sincerely appreciate the link for the bulbs. You are absolutely right, it saves me time and hassle! :)

vanessa said...

I love this idea. I didn't know shamrocks grew from bulbs!

Lisa Loo said...

Wow--I haven't been blog hopping in awhile but glad I changed my mind! What a nifty idea---so much beeter than the sad, tired shamrock sugar cookies. Thanx so much for taking the time to post all your hard work!

Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree said...

My father gave me one of these shamrock plants a year or so ago and it has survived on my windowsill for the year! We enjoy watching how it closes up at night and opens up in the daytime! It almost dies and some points and revives itself---nature is amazing! My father told me it is also called a wood sorrel plant. I looked it up and there are many different varieties! It also added that it was an edible plant that is rich in vitamin C!