Sunday, January 31, 2010

Family Fun Night, Root Beer Tasting

Tonight is family fun night. So, grab your best pirate or cowboy gear and join us for a root beer tasting. I bought 5 different root beers and slipped them into numbered lunch bags. The categories that we are judging them on are: Best tasting, worst tasting, fizziest (little J's idea), would make the best root beer float, best with chicken nuggets, and worst with cheese (also Little J's ideas..I can't make this stuff up).

We're also going to make this a little science and math lesson. We'll make a hypothesis for each category based on smelling and observing each bottle before we actually do the blind taste testing. Afterward we'll graph our results.

BTW we're using IBC, Stewart's, Natural Brew, Sioux City, and Virgil's.

Little J wants to do dress up and face painting. He has Sassyfras's Minnie Mouse tutu and Juiciness's fireman hat ready to go. I think he's still deciding between Batman, Darth Vader or a pirate.

What are we doing with the left overs? Root beer floats of course! Personally, I think we should do a chocolate tasting next time.

Our score card, one for each person.

Numbered bottle

I numbered small paper cups for the tasting.

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